English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea Tin (75g)

£4.50 GBP

Kandula English Breakfast Ceylon loose leaf tea. 75g of our loose leaf Ceylon English Breakfast Tea in our distinctive tin. A classic blend of Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe with a full bodied, bright flavour. Our bold black Ceylon Tea is grown in the heart of Sri Lanka. This traditional brew is a blend of Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe, a prized form of black tea from the western slopes of the hill country. Our English Breakfast Orange Pekoe blend has a deep amber colour and a fresh aroma. Being grown so close to the equator it is naturally rich in antioxidants. The refreshing nature of our English Breakfast blend makes it a classic breakfast blend - but perfect to enjoy at anytime.

Makes at least 25 cups. Our loose leaf tea comes foil wrapped for freshness in our distinctive tin.
Infuser not included.

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