Ivory White Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea Tin (75g)

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Kandula Ivory white whole leaf loose tea. 75g of our loose Jumbo Leaf Ceylon Ivory white tea in our distinctive tin. A rare white tea with a beautiful pearly hue and smooth taste. Part of the exclusive white tea family, this rare tea has a beautiful pearly hue and smooth taste. From the heart of Sri Lanka our Ivory Jumbo Leaf blend only uses the young whole leaves and buds of the Camellia Sinensis bush. Sri Lanka's location so close to the equator means our Ceylon teas have even higher levels of antioxidants. Like our Pink and Green Teas, our Ceylon Ivory Tea is prepared without fermentation to prevent oxidation and darkening of the leaves in order to create a light and elegant flavour. The leaves remain whole throughout to ensure a supreme quality cup of tea. Our Ivory Tea, like other white teas, has the lowest amount of caffeine compared to all other teas.
Makes approx. 25 cups. Our loose leaf tea comes foil wrapped for freshness in our distinctive tins.
Infuser not included.

Ivory Tea only needs to be infused lightly in water that has been off the boil for several minutes, and it should be drunk without milk.

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